For those who want something completely different & special, we invite you to create your own label and wine varietal . Our Barrel Club is exclusive to Executive Wine Club members and allows you to go beyond – its Grapes to Glass

The benefits of Barrel Club memberships include:

Choose from Full Barrels (300 bottles) or Half Barrel (150 bottles) fulfillment.
Choose your desired varietal and either custom mix with our other varietals for a heritage style red or let our distinguished winemaker guide you in the best of season varietal.
Exclusive customizable barrels and bottles to fit your personal or company requirements.
Ship your entire order bottled and boxed to one location or have T&L Wines ship any quantity  to any desired end point. Fully customizable to fit you needs. And you get a customized barrel sent to you afterward as a momento of your journey. Yes, experience “Grapes to Glass” and be your own winemaker!

An experience rarely seen in the wine industry!

To learn more about becoming a Barrel Club member, please fill out the form below or call us at (707) 755-7400.

Barrel Club

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